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Recent articles about our company published in the media.

Technical innovations of company Diesel Technik on the field of chiptuning are of interest of the motor magazines Auto Tip, Svět motorů and Grand Auto. Information about our experiences can also be found regularly in many unspecialized media, because chiptuning is a phenomenon of our time that gets attentions of many drivers.

Solid particles filter and diesel engine tuning

Source: Grand Auto

 TECHNIK - chiptuning KladnoLike the introduction of a catalyst, an important milestone in automotive industry is also the expansion of solid particles filters in diesel engines. It of course brings some issues and chiptuning is one of them.Since 2005 Europe started to apply the new emission standard Euro 4, which limits the production of solid particles in diesel engine to half. This could be achieved only by using a filter which held carcinogenic solid particles. 

The filter is mounted into the exhaust system like the oxidation catalysts; it prevents soot to escape out. Till this point everything is OK, but the filter gradually clogs and the exhaust gases have fewer chances to get through. To avoid the need to clean the filter manually, it is necessary, once in a while, to raise the temperature of the exhaust (550 °C) so the solid particles can be subsequently burned. Once the filter is partially blocked and thus overpressure, the control unit starts the mentioned regeneration without drivers notice, but not always it works.

DIESEL TECHNIK - chiptuning KladnoConditions for increasing the temperature of exhaust gas and the subsequent clean-up filter sometimes are not always reached by driving conditions, for example a slow ride on a low gear, with frequent stops at traffic lights, etc. In such circumstances, the recovery will not be provided and the driver is keeping informed by the corresponding light indicator. This concerns mainly the powerful engines, which are logically undertaking more frequent filter clogging, and therefore they are often required to regenerate, since the worse throughput performance exhaust pipes the power of the engine is declining. The question here is whether the adjustment of control unit of diesel engines, by so-called chiptuning does not lead to further deterioration. The best way is to search for experts.

We cooperate with a specialist company DIESEL TECHNIK, which deals with adjustment of control units, and not only to enhance performance but also to save fuel. They provide chiptuning for all types of cars, trucks and buses. Chiptuning is actually modifying the software of control unit for diesel combustion processes which than take place under optimal conditions and use as much of the energy contained in the fuel.

DIESEL  TECHNIK - chiptuning KladnoThe control unit is not used only for calculation of the amount of fuel any longer, but also evaluates the emission values during the journey, which regulates, depending on engine load. It collects information not only from measured values, but also from the exhaust gases, which are determined by the flaps in the exhaust pipe. Professional chiptuning, as it is carried out by DIESEL TECHNIK, is during the adjustment of software concerned not only by maps of fuel metering, but also by the raise of the limit of emissions. Thanks to this process the filter of solid particles is cleaned regularly and not only at critical values. 

-Grand Auto-

Chiptuning, increase of the power of the engine, reduction of the consumption

Source: PR Professional

Many drivers are currently thinking about how to reduce consumption of gasoline or diesel and save the money. Especially for transporters, the cost of diesel dramatically affects the cost of the services. One of the most effective ways how to reduce consumption is a professional chiptuning or adjustment of the control unit. The result of this adjustment is to reduce consumption, particularly for diesel engines and increase engine performance.

Profi PR is asking an expert on chiptuning

DIESEL TECHNIK on the www.Profi-PR.czMost drivers’ don’t have enough knowledge of an objective assessment of the bids of companies which focus on chiptuning. Therefore, we turned to Mr. Marek Bulis, owner of Diesel Technik that deals with chiptuning since 1995
The company is settled in Kladno city, provides chiptuning for 50 brands of cars and trucks, as well as for vans, buses and motorbikes. Company provides chiptuning to more than 500 vehicles per a year, which is a respectable number of domestic relationships. According to the professional community, DIESEL TECHNIK is a specialist on chiptuning possessing extensive experience, which boasts only few firms.

How to choose the right company to chip your car?

As we are not experts, we have gained many valuable tips from Marek Bulis. What does DIESEL TECHNIK recommended then? First, avoid suspiciously advantageous offers. You risk that the control unit will be loaded with software designed for another vehicle. The engine is therefore exposed to an unreasonable instruction of control unit and increased stress of mechanical parts. The result is damage of the engine. Cheap is not really the best.

You should always require the certificate from Chiptuning Company. 

DIESEL TECHNIK - chiptuning KladnoThere exist many differences in chiptuning of different vehicles; therefore chiptuning is not always the same. Mainly depends on the experiences and technical equipment of the chiptuning company. Please always refer to the tuners who have a lot of experiences with modifications of engines and can guarantee that the engine change was made correctly. The company should show a certificate confirming compliance with the emission limits and conditions of service.

Experiences in the chiptuning and customer references are important

Certainly ask how long the company provides chiptuning. Reliable and quality chiptuning company has enough references, including personal references from satisfied customers. Chiptuning is a branch, which is dedicated to people who are enthusiastic about the world of motor sport. Thus, if a chiptuning company can boast with cooperation for development and debugging of top racing engines, you can be sure that your choice is right.

Also ask for warranties on chiptuning

Chiptuning is a service like any other and therefore ask for guarantees too. For example, our company offers several warranties: 24 months guarantee on the control unit, the assurance of 10 years of software actualization and a 100% money back guarantee if you prove values lower than we reported. Furthermore, we provide customers the original backup software. In the case of damage it is also good to know whether the firm is insured and to what extent.

-For PR-Profi, Editor Walter Ales-