Unprofessional chiptuning and its risks.Chiptuning of BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari and other brands...

When the company DIESEL TECHNIK started with chiptuning in 1995, there was only one other company in Bohemia, which also provided the chiptuning services! Especially after the year 2002, there have appeared many new modifiers on the automotive market. However, this increase of chiptuning providers simultaneously brought some unpleasant events from an unprofessional service, inexpert even to deception.

Modifiers, who provide chiptuning by this way, mostly rely on the ignorance of clients. Therefore, we have prepared the most important facts, which we recommend to take into consideration before you decide for chiptuning. You will avoid disappointment and finally the unnecessary financial losses.

Be suspicious when you get an offer for remarkably advantageous price, unusual place or time!

You can find very lucrative offers on chiptuning from absolutely unknown companies or individuals. In addition to attractive prices, they often offer the service in your garage or in front of your house.Chiptuning BMW, chiptuning Porsche, chiptuning Bentley, chiptuning 
FerrariThere are also known cases where the chiptuning was provided by petrol stations! The customer is also attracted to the relatively short period of chipping time - chiptuning in 30 minutes. At the first sight it is certainly an attractive offer that saves you time and money.

Every wise person assumes that the professional chiptuning requires in addition to expertise, professional diagnostic equipment and own service facilities. Also the service time is not always the same, ranging approximately from 2 to 3 hours and includes a full set of diagnostic work. Unqualified intervention can cause serious engine damage. Therefore, it is better to avoid rather remarkably convenient offers that are advertised by unknown companies. In this case, cheap does not always mean the best!

The certificate is an advantage, chiptuning = immediate increase of engine power

Chiptuning isn’t exactly the same for every vehicle. It always depends on the experience of the chiptuning professional and technological equipment. You should always prefer tuners who have long experiences and guarantee optimal performance of the control unit after the software optimization. The advantage is the form of written certificate which confirms the fulfillment of the emission limits and conditions of the service.

It is good to know that the increase in engine power will take effect immediately after the chiptuning. If the designer claims that engine performance will increase in some time, or is within a certain amount of miles, it is a clear attempt to deceive customers.

Chiptuning references

Chiptuning BMW, chiptuning Porsche, chiptuning Bentley, chiptuning FerrariIt is certainly wise to check the history of the chiptuning professional. Obtaining such information may be quite difficult and sometimes even misleading. Therefore it is an appropriate to focus on other facts. The key guideline should be in the number of cars chiptuning professionals adjust annually. Portfolio of chipped brands of cars, as well as focus on different types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, buses or motorbikes.

Tuner who provides good long-term chiptuning services has certainly plenty of references from satisfied clients. Therefore, do not forget to check the references. Good sign is that the chiptuning company is working with some of the motor racing teams and has experiences with tuning sport engines. For such a company the quality and professional chiptuning is a matter of fact and your vehicle will be in the best hands.