CHIPTUNING, REFERENCES. Chiptuning of BMW, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari and other brands...

Chiptuning is a specific phenomenon of our time, which attracts attention of a large percentage of drivers. While it could be thought on the first sight that the chiptuning is synonymous for higher car performance, this definition is not entirely accurate. Chiptuning has a few advantages, and especially lower fuel consumption is for many of our customers very topical and often a decisive factor for the adjustment of engine control units - chiptuning.

Company DIESEL TECHNIK implements chiptuning for more than 500 cars annually. Among the thousands of our satisfied customers, there are well-known personalities such as singer Pepa Vojtek, politician Radek John or Dakar champion Ales Loprais. We provided chipping to successful Czech soccer players: Football Champions League participant Zdenek Zelenka or former international players Thomas Skuhravý and Jiri Novotny. The company is also closely working with the following partners:

  • a sports team, Vavřinec Motorsport
  • a dakar specialist Loprais Tatra Team
Pepa Vojtek - chiptuning Kladno
Radek John - chiptuning Kladno
Radek John - chiptuning Kladno
Radek John Radek John
Pepa Vojtek - chiptuning Kladno
Aleš Loprais - chiptuning Kladno
Pepa Vojtek Aleš Loprais
Luděk Zelenka - chiptuning Kladno
Tomáš Skuhravý - chiptuning Kladno
Luděk Zelenka Tomáš Skuhravý
Jiří Novotný - chiptuning Kladno
Vavřinec Motorsport - chiptuning Kladno
Jiří Novotný Vavřinec Motorsport
Vavřinec Motorsport - chiptuning Kladno
Vavřinec Motorsport