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The most defective part of the car? The solid particles filter.

According to statistics of defects, the solid particles filter is the most defective part of cars. For diesel engines it is the real reason for the frequent difficulties. It reduces engine power and increases the fuel consumption. Causes problems with cleaning or adding additives (ingredients) into fuel (diesel). Replacing the filter is relatively costly. At first sight it is clear, that disadvantage of solid particles filters consist quite a considerable number. The only one advantage of the solid particles filter is a slight emission reduction. DIESEL TECHNIK therefore offers an ideal solution, which eliminates solid particles filter.

Solid particles filter, diesel engines

Removal of solid particles filterCurrent diesel engines are fitted with a solid particles filter marked as DPF or FAP. The main task of the filter is to capture solid particles which are generated by the combustion of diesel. Filter reduces emissions, while causing greater consumption, lower engine performance and increased failure rate. Exchange of solid particles filter is very expensive and the amounts in this case can repesent thousands of crowns.  

Removal of solid particles filter

DIESEL TECHNIK offers the complete removal of the solid particles filter. It is a very effective way by which all the problems are resolved forever. Immediately, you get more power of the engine of your vehicle and lower fuel consumption. Removing solid particles filter is performed in two steps. In the first step, we remove the filter. In the second step, we modify the software of the engine control unit, where, among other things, we turn off the diagnosis of clogging filter.

Removal of solid particles filter, 4 advantages at the first sight

Removal of solid particles filter

  • lower consumption
  • higher performance
  • saving money for a replacing the filter
  • saving money for additives

Removal of solid particles filter is possible for most vehicles with a diesel engine.
The price for the removal of the filter is 5 990Kč including VAT.
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