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Specializing in chiptuning since 1995!


DIESEL TECHNIK has been specialized in chiptuning since 1995. Initially we had been focused on diesel models of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW Group. In this period of our history we provided chiptuning for about 30 cars a year. At the beginning of our business, we had only one competitive company in the Czech market. 


In 1999 we expanded our range of chiptuning services. From this year we offer chiptuning for Opel and Ford.


In 2001 the company began to make the first chiptuning adjustments for motorbikes and chip tuning adjustments for selected models of Japanese cars. By this time, the number of modifications have hovered around 300 cars a year.


In 2002, we started our cooperation with the tuner of the BMW company Hardge. In this period rapid increase in number of companies offering chiptuning occurred on the Czech market.


In 2003  DIESEL TECHNIK began to modify engines and provide a chiptuning for trucks and buses


Since 2006 we also cooperate with another designer of chiptuning of BMW - Kelleners company.


In 2007, the company DIESEL TECHNIK met the wider demand for chiptuning of cars with gas engines and a total volume of chipped cars approached 500 annually.

chiptuning BMW, chiptuning  Porsche, chiptuning Bentley, chiptuning Ferrari

chiptuning BMW

Chiptuning BMW